Sustainment Operations Paper

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Sustainment Operations in the broad term is crucial to any unit. Readiness is key, as the quality of force readiness is measured by its sustainment (ADP 4-0). A unit has to be prepared to fight when called upon. Do not think of fighting in the sense of combat but in the sense of being able to perform the role they are meant to do. I will elaborate on this in regards to a Medevac unit. According to ADP 4-0, Sustainment Operations sustainment is defined as the provision of logistics, personnel services, and health service support necessary to maintain operations until successful mission completion. This is accomplished through the integration of national and global resources. This ensures Army forces are physically available and properly equipped, at the right place and…show more content…
Stationed at Hunter Army Airfield, GA., The medevac was task to assist with disaster recovery when South Carolina was affected by catastrophic, life-threatening flooding. The Commanders, from the company level all the way up to Brigade, using operational sustainment, and knowing what the organization was capable of, were able to organize crews and make the decision to go. This required crews that were trained and proficient at the tasks such as hoist and over-water operations. The equipment necessary to do rescue operations, from the medical equipment up to having aircrafts available. This also meant sustainment in the form of organizational support from DART teams and operations personnel, all ready and providing help in the rear. We were able to accomplish what was asked of us because of training and leadership support at all levels. Sustainment relies on every individual within the organization to do their part, and leadership to be able to recognize deficiencies and have a plan to address this. All in an effort to become fully functional in their warfighting skills and mission
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