Sustainment of The Mini Cases of the Industry

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Trident University International Willie Bates Module 2 Case ITM524: Foundations of Information Technology Management Dr. Mina Richards Introduction We live in an environment which changes often. In the business world, what is in demand today for an organization may not be a requirement for tomorrow. Smart managers know that organizations that succeed do so because they adjust to keep up with the changes that are taking place (Harmon, 2007). Change in business comes in many forms and affects companies in every industry. Business today is one of the dominant institutions in society. Businesses are established with the sole purpose to provide a product or service to a customer with the intent to make a…show more content…
Mr. Porter makes the essential point that competitive advantages and the differences they create in firm performance are often strongly related to the resources firms hold and how they are managed. Resources are the foundation for strategy, and unique bundles of resources generate competitive advantages that lead to wealth creation (Bush, Greene, &Hart, 2001). Better Place Founded by Israeli entrepreneur Shai Agassi in 2007, Better Place developed a system where electric-car owners could drive their vehicles into a network of stations around Israel and replace the car 's battery with a new one in about the same amount of time it takes to fill a gasoline tank on a regular car. The "quick drop" system was supposed to remove one of the main obstacles to the adoption of electric vehicles, namely the several hours it takes to recharge a flat battery (Pearson& Stub, 2013). Better Place use information technology in the value chain model by outsourcing to companies that have integrated the electric car into its policies. Better Place 's business model was based on car owners paying a fee according to the number of miles they drive. The competitive force that influenced the Better Place Company was the demand for the electric car filling stations. It has also positioned itself to be the first to reap the benefits when battery pack recharging facilities and infrastructure

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