Sutherland's Concept of White Collar Crime in the 21st Century

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This essay discusses Sutherland’s concept of white collar crime in the light of whether it is still appropriate in the 21st century. It is worth noting that white collar crime is often perceived as a less serious crime in the society. This is based on several reasons including the fact that the crime receives less media coverage. This incomprehensive media coverage of white collar crime may be attributed to the complex nature of the crime, which makes many incidences go unreported. In other words, it is often difficult to pin point one person as the perpetrator of the crime as it would happen with the case of robbery, knife crime, or drug trafficking. However, white crime remains a serious crime and one that can have serious negative…show more content…
The guardian also indicates that due to economic recession, white collar crime has been pushed to new levels with high rates of fraud continuing to dominate the second half of 2009 (Allen, 2009). This example by the Guardian is just a tip of the iceberg that pinpoints the fact that white collar crime has continued to escalate not only in the United Kingdom but also across the globe. Unfortunately, this type of crime has not received the attention and the intervention it deserves as other crimes continue to be given a priority in curbing them. White collar crime is often associated with crimes committed within businesses. These include different forms of fraud such as tax fraud, welfare fraud, money laundering, and property crime (Simpson & Benson, 2009: 42). These forms of white collar crime often have a huge impact on the welfare of the society in profound ways. For instance, according to an article authored by McGrath, a company that suffers losses from fraud must make up for this loss by for example raising the prices of its products. Hikes in prices would mean that consumers would be required to dig dipper into their pockets thus affecting their finances. The loss from fraud could also make the affected company to take drastic measures such as layoffs or implementing salary cuts for the employees (McGrath, n.d). The effects

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