Suu Kyi 's Story Is One That Will Never Be Forgotten

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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma is a country located in South- East Asia. It is here, from the years 1962 onwards, that we have used as our example of a breach of humans rights, as a government abuses its power and brings a country to ashes, and how one individual has made an astounding impact to change the lives of those affected for the better. Aung San Suu Kyi’s story is one that will never be forgotten. This is a woman, who sacrificed her freedom, for the country Burma’s rights for a non-violent democratic government. And so the story goes.
In Burma, 1962, a dictator, U Ne Win, carried out a coup d’état, or an “overtake”, of the ruling government party. U Ne Win introduced the Revolutionary Council of the Union of Burma, whose members
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When she returned she found widespread slaughter of protestors rallying against the brutal dictator U Ne Win. Outraged by this violence she spoke out against him and initiated a nonviolent movement toward achieving democracy and human rights. Soon, her efforts were noticed and in July 1989 the Junta military government placed Suu Kyi under house arrest and cut off any communication she might have had with the outside world. The Union military told Suu Kyi that she would be set free under the conditions that she agreed to leave the country, but she refused to do so - insisting that she would continue her struggle until the junta released the country to a civilian government and freed their political prisoners.

This was the first sacrifice Aung San Suu Kyi made for her country. Instead of leaving, and pretending that Burma’s troubles were no longer hers, she stayed. She stayed to make a difference. For 6 years, she stayed in house arrest.

In 1990 a parliamentary election was held, and the party that Aung San Suu Kyi was associated, called the National League for Democracy, won with 80% votes in their favour. However, the Junta military government overruled these results, and 20 years later declared them invalid.

Although she was unable to personally stand up to the government while she was in house arrest, people all across the globe were beginning to take note of her. Suu Kyi was awarded a human rights prize, known as the Rafto Prize in 1990.
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