Suzlon And Bharat Forge

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After analyzing the case study we understand that the two companies Bharat forge and Suzlon are the Indian companies who were mainly focused to enter global market with different strategies bringing them closer to their objectives. Bharat forge and Suzlon trade in different products. Bharat forge deals with automotive industry where as Suzlon deals with textile manufacturing industry and later changes to wind turbine manufacturer. Both the companies started as small industry and made it big in the industrial domains. Below are the major key points and differences used by both the companies to establish themselves in the global market as global players.
A major similarity between both the firms is that, both firms worked with a common objective to establish themselves as a pioneer in the global market. Bharat forge a manufacturer of automotive component achieved this by establishing its business overseas in the year 2002. Suzlon initially being a textile manufacturer faced constant problems of rising
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At the time of establishment there was a government mandate to produce engineering parts to meet India’s domestic automotive production. India being a country of notion of low quality production lead to berries for Bharat Forge on international scales therefore the had changes to a sophisticated production technique to meet the quality requirement of global original equipment manufacturer. The change in production technique in terms of labor was a benchmark change. Where more skilled labors and fresh engineer graduates were hired in order to increase efficiency and reduce the costs barriers. The company going global took giants one among such is Rockwell International and others. They also confronted the prospective customer’s legitimate fears with respect to the quality and supply. They developed closer client partnership. The used the system of HRM “ people

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