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ENDANGERED SPECIES: THE LORAX The Introduction The Lorax is a story about a man who abused the environment and about what he learned. The story begins in the most run-down part of a dull, gray town. A small boy asks the Once-ler to share the secret of the Lorax and how he was taken away. Thus, the story is told as a "flashback" as the Once-ler talks about the Lorax and past events. The Characters: The Once-ler, a businessman The Lorax, a leader of the plants and animals The Once-ler’s Story: The Beginning The Once-ler moved across the land in his wagon. He came upon a new land with an important natural resource. (A natural resource is a plant, animal or mineral that can be used by people.) 1. What was this natural…show more content…
18. Explain what must happen for the Lorax and his animals to
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