Swami Ramdas In Quest For God

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There are strengths from all traditions across the world. Every religion has a purpose to help build a person to those specific beliefs of that religion. Although all religions link back to a complex hierarchy; all living things share equality. A holy man was encouraged to experience life, venturing out to discover himself and what greatness really is. Swami Ramdas, In Quest for God, he leads away from materialistic views, learns to be devoted, and searches for eternal peace. In search for light, Ramdas turns to renunciation in his pilgrimage journey touching base with the experiential dimension, as compared to myself, I never sought out religious views besides learning Buddhism. In 1922, Ramdas discovers that he wants to serve his whole life to God when he received a gift from his father. A holy mantra turned him to his renunciation phase. He was not abandoning his wife, which he truly cared for, but he was learning to seek liberation through spiritual practices. That being said, Ramdas began his adventure to seek Ram and before doing so he left two notes. The mantram took him in, and Ramdas would chant to Ram. Finally,…show more content…
Thus, beginning his goodbyes to a town he no longer thought of himself to belong to anymore (instead of saying good bye and detaching myself from a place I know well, I would prefer to just find different pleasures in the city I know.) His endearing love for Ram was felt when he was given a chance at a new life on his new path. Him devoting his whole self away; on his journey he would never ask of anyone for any kind of payment nor would he respond negatively to another being. The mantram was on his lips and with him the entire way guiding him. The part of his path where he is kind and not a beggar, I find that to be a good way to becoming less materialistic. The mind is developing and learning to not seek what was thought to be needed
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