Swanson's Theory Of Caring

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Kristen M. Swanson may not be as well-known as Florence Nightingale in the nursing field, but she has made great contributions with the Theory of Caring that has been used in many hospitals, even internationally, for their framework to guide patient care. Through the study of her practice, I have realized much of her practice is reflected in mine. This paper will present the basic concept of nursing known as the metaparadigm concepts of person, health, environment, and nursing as presented by Swanson, as well as provide my own philosophy of nursing, which in many ways mirrors Swanson’s.
Kristen Swanson obtained her earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from University of Rhode Island in 1975; her masters in adult health and illness from the University of Pennsylvania in 1978; and her PhD in psycho-social nursing from the University of Colorado. Through her education, Swanson was an educator at the University of Washington, where she completed her post-doctoral studies. She had research interest in miscarriage and pregnancy loss. She also taught at Trenton State College, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and University of Colorado School of Nursing.
During her doctoral time at University of Colorado, she was approached by her chairperson, Dr. Jean Watson, who wanted her to explore what it was like for a woman to miscarry from the perception of the woman being cared for. In 1991, she conducted several studies and multiple interviews
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