Swarovski's Marketing Plan

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Describe Product Swarovski frame for the Samsung Smart 50 Inch TV with anti-glare screen. Mission Statement The mission statement for this campaign is "To enhance the aesthetic beauty of every home." Objectives The marketing plan should have objectives that meet the SMART criteria, which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time specific. The first objective of the marketing plan is to raise awareness for the product, which is measurable because we can take studies of consumer awareness. We want to have this product known by 5% of total consumers and 50% of the target market within one year. The second objective is with respect to media coverage. We want to have stories about this product appear in 100 print and online publications (via syndication, most likely) within six months. Also we want the number of media inquiries at our office to be at least 20 in the first month and 50 in the first two months. Also, in the first year, sales should be 2000 units, or $2 million in revenue. Target Market The target market for the Swarovski frame with anti-glare screen is going to be limited by the target market for the Samsung Smart TV, so the screen's target market will be a subset of that larger group. The target market for this product is a niche market of those who want to have a more aesthetically pleasing experience with their television. The main benefit of the frame is that it will improve the appearance of the television, and will be a status
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