Swatch Group

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1.0 Executive Summary 1
2.0 Introduction 3
3.0 Situation Analysis 5
3.1 Environmental Analysis 5
3.2 Competitive Analysis 6
3.3 SWOT Analysis 6
4.0 Marketing Strategy 7
4.1 Mission 7
4.2 Marketing Objectives 8
4.3 Financial Objectives 8
4.4 Segmentation and Targeting 8
4.5 Positioning 10
4.6 Strategic Options & Strategic Choice 10
4.7 Marketing Mix Decision 11
5.0 Implementation 12
5.1 Timeline 12
5.2 Financial Costing 12
6.0 Controls 13
7.0 Conslusion 13
References 14
Appendix 15

1.0 Executive Summary

Swatch was one brand of Swatch Group Ltd. and the most successful wristwatch in the world. From 1983, it’s already 24 years of existence, and the fact that the company is still here, the Swatch watches are
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• Limited growth and any downturn in the UK economy would lead to declining sales
• Higher spending in other areas, such as clothing, food and travel
• Many brands compete with each other to gain more customers, which increases the product-competitiveness and price-competitiveness
• Expansion in the retail distribution
• Reposition into the fashion market
• Women are the major buyers in UK market and majority of their purchases are for themselves

The Swatch Group Ltd is based in Switzerland and the world’s largest watchmaker (Kidd,2007, p.27). It owns 19 watch brands, such as Omega, Rado, Longines and launches its products over 50 locations, including France, Germany, Italy, USA, the Virgin Islands, Thailand, Malaysia, and China, with its main facility in Switzerland. Swatch is one of the brand owned by this company, who is very famous for its slim plastic watches. As it is stated that (oppapers,2006), Swatch has uniquely pioneered the low cost fashionable watch market by combining fashion, style, and Swiss technology, and it sells watches, various accessories and apparel primarily to teens and young adults in the world.

To compete in such a changeable watches market and satisfy its target customers well, Swatch must perform hard. How it can differentiate its products by carrying out a perfect marketing plan to attract its customers and maintain its brand loyalty will be the
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