Swearing Research Paper

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Swearing has become instinct now. As a child it was like the forbidden fruit and I was not allowed to touch it until I was in High School. Now it has become a habit that I would like to modify during a five-day period. I have chosen this particular habit because society considers it disrespectful to use bad language in front of anyone except occasionally with close friends. Also, I usually use it as a way to release anger and I hope that by modifying that behavior I will be able to find a different, more respectful way to express my frustration. Currently, I swear almost every day, especially when I am with my friends or had an extremely frustrating call at my work. This behavior has gone on for years now and I would like to try to curb the habit so that it does not become a real…show more content…
For the first two days of the experiment, I will limit myself to not swear while I am at work. This will help my professional image and make it so I can find healthier ways to vent my frustration while I am at work. The next step I will take in limiting my swearing is to not curse when I am around adults. It shows more respect when you do not swear around people who are older than my age. For the last day I want to limit, but not eliminate swearing around friends. Even though it is most common to swear around friends, it creates a better environment when swearing is limited when we are around each other. To reinforce changing this behavior, there are eight possible ways to help decrease my swearing habits. Two positive reinforcers are every hour I do not swear I give myself a special snack, and for every day I do not swear I will buy myself something special from Amazon. Since I usually do not spoil myself, it will be a good way to help curb this bad habit. Additionally, two negative reinforcers I could use are to use a stress ball at work to avoid swearing at work and I could avoid speaking of negative situations while speaking with friends so I
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