`` Sweat `` By Zola Neale Hurston

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Zola Neale Hurston is a product and author during the Harlem Renaissance’s, even though most of her work was produced in the 1930’s. She wrote a short story called, “Sweat”. Zola Neale Hurston was an African-American writer who is well known as an extraordinary writer. She was known as one of the most mysterious figures in this literature. “Sweat” is about two characters who are married and their names are Delia Jones and Sykes Jones. Delia is in an abusive relationship with her husband and, Sykes is tiring to seek freedom from his wife to be with his mistress. His plan is to poison Delia with a snake, by putting the snake in her laundry basket. In her short story, “Sweat” Nora Neale Hurston focuses on many symbols, that play a big role in this short story, some of the symbols that she uses are the title, the Chinaberry tree, the snake, and the whip.
One of the first symbols that Nora Neale Hurston addresses and focuses on her novel is the title of the text which is “Sweat”. The title of this short story has a very important message. The title symbolizes how hard of a worker Delia Jones is in the short story. In the short story, it discusses the hard work and physical labor that Delia Jones performs. While Delia is such a hard worker that is the opposite of Sykes, he lives a very leisurely life. She is a hard worker, religious, neat, and independent. The title symbolizes the outcome of her hard work. In the short text, it says “Delia’s habitual meekness seemed to slip

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