Sweat By Zora Neale Hurston

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The story “Sweat” by Zora Neale Hurston focuses on the marriage life of Delia Jones and her husband Sykes. Hurston is known as famous American writer, she writes on real life stories as it was during the years when she wrote the stories. The story is about Delia Jones, a hardworking and religious woman who mistakenly marries Sykes and has been living in a strained marriage life from fifteen years. Although they have been married for fifteen year, the relationship has been abusive. Sykes is an abusive and unemployed man. In addition, Sykes have a mistress and he wants Delia to leave their house so that he can move in his lover Bertha. Sykes knows that Delia is afraid of snake, so he scares Delia several times with the bullwhip, which looks like a snake. Eventually, he brings the real snake to get rid of Delia. However, at the end of the story Delia gets her revenge on her husband Sykes for his mistreatment over the past fifteen years. Delia has been living strained marriage life with her husband who had no respect for her at all has been obvious from beginning of the story, he even began beating Delia after three month of his marriage. The story starts with Delia, who is sitting near the big pile of clothes and sorting it according to their color. In a meanwhile, her husband comes to house late and scares Delia with the big bullwhip. Sykes knows that Delia is afraid of snake, though he scares her intentionally, and he does not show any kind of guilt. Instead, he laughs and
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