Sweat: Delia

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Forever in Sweat “Sweat” by Zora Neale Hurston is a story of power between a couple. The characters are executed perfectly on how their own behaviors of power either worked against them or worked in favor of them. “It will come back to haunt you”, is a perfect example my mother told me if I tried to get revenge on a friend. My mother would say, “do not wish anything bad or do anything to someone else you do not want happening to you.” This is a great quote I have lived by throughout my teenage and young adult life. In Delia’s case, when Skye wants his revenge, she does not tolerate his behavior and even comes back to “haunt him”. She acts in peculiar ways towards him that angers him even more to the ultimate revenge. Delia Jones is the…show more content…
The language in this short story is very particular to its time. Hurston uses this colloquial language for the readers to connect to the story and how they talked back then. It gives a sense of “traveling back in time” and can envision how the characters sounded. There is a certain symbol in the story that ties everything together. There is a snake that Skye gives her in box. She hates snakes but she acts passively towards it. She will walk around it when it was left in the kitchen and not look at it. She will turn the other cheek as to say, and she will not acknowledge it. This passivity connects to how she acts towards Skye. She won’t tolerate it but she will leave it alone, same as what she does to Skye. Since Skye does not want to get rid of the snake, it also shows how he will not want to stop being verbally abusive to Delia. The snake is perceived to be a symbol of a biblical reference of good versus evil, having two faces, and deceiving. Ultimately, the snake comes back to get Skye. At the end of the story, her passivity is the ultimate revenge. The snake was in the basket of clothes when Delia arrived to her room. In her horror, she jumped from the room and blew the light out behind her and ran out to the barn. She did not want anything to do with it so she only ignored it instead of beating it. After she got over her fear she crouched back to the outside window and watched to what was happening inside. Inside the house, Skyes returned from his lover’s
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