Sweatshops : A Global Discussion On Fair Trade Versus Sweatshops

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“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”- Gandhi (Harper, 2017) When reading this quote, it is easy for most of us to agree that sweatshops are a very negative part of society, when sweatshops are discussed we often think about children, poor working conditions and exploitation, which makes many of us believe that fair trade is the greater option. But what if I were to tell you there is more to the sweatshop industry than what the media has portrayed for us. In today’s society there is a global discussion on fair trade versus sweatshops. There are many opinions on this topic, especially when it comes down to whether or not sweat shops should be ethically and morally accepted by society. Many argue that…show more content…
(Global Exchange 2001) With more and more sweatshops developing it is allowing economies like China’s to boom. In a recent article by the New York Times “wages have risen from about $50 a month to $250 a month or more today.” (Kristof, Wudunn, 2000) Working in sweatshops may seem brutal and unfair to many of us who live in western society, but across the globe it can be very appealing. (Kristof, Wudunn, 2000)
There is a lot of positive effects of sweatshops. It allows for jobs in the developing countries, the factories in most cases pay a higher wage then other jobs in the surrounding area, it allows for the country’s economy to stabilize by having more people working and less relying on government help. By stating this I am not trying to say all aspects of sweatshops are good, there are many negatives that can come from sweatshops too. There are many sweatshops out there, that severely exploit their workers. Some supervisors are very brutal when it comes to housing their workers, teaching the workers proper safety precautions, some even employ young children, demand sexual favours from workers, deny bathroom breaks, over work the employees and do not allow the workers to create any sort of union. (Kristof, Wudunn, 2000) In any case, wherever in the world, this sort of treatment is
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