Sweatshops And Child Labour Essay

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CONCLUSION Sweatshop conditions are deplorable, while there are other types of employment in emerging economies where the conditions are worse, as consumers of manufacturing exports, we probably have more leverage and the potential for a higher impact in changing the conditions faced by manufacturing jobs. However, we should try to do improve the conditions of those in other fields as well. As a son of a farm owner who employed over 100 employees, the conditions which agricultural employees face is also of particular concern to me. Child labor is particularly painful to consider as child employees are more likely to be exploited, less likely to know their rights and less likely to stand up for their rights when they are aware of them. Even in cases where…show more content…
As they're sometimes a relationship between higher child labor and lower demand for adult employment, the exploitation of children in sweatshops contributes to the macro-conditions which make it feasible for children to choose this type of demeaning employment. As a child cannot be simultaneously working at a factory and studying at school, higher incidences of child labor translate into lower educational levels in a country and less formation of human capital, which perpetuates the cycle of the same dire economic conditions which make children and their parents opt for degrading work in order to survive. Although sweatshops can in some cases provide better incomes than non-sweatshop labor. This does not fully compensate for the levels of exploitation and suffering that occur in sweatshops. The reasons are the high incidence of child
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