Sweatshops And The Related Ethical Issues About It

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This assignment is going to mainly discuss the existing of sweatshops and the related ethical issues about it. Ethical theory will be applied in the study about the topic and personal reflection is also going to displayed in the assignment. An understanding of it may be not interesting but can be helpful to do research or run firms or organizations related in the future.
Firstly, the assignment will introduces the background of sweatshops and anti-sweatshop movements as the opposite of it. Then, the ethical theory that will be used in the next steps is also going to be recommended. Next, a further analysis and evaluation about the sweatshops issues will be processed in three steps: who is effected by sweatshops, How to account their utility and How to maximize the utility. To solve those problems, the assignment will address literature and taking analysis with real cases. What’s more is the personal reflections and there will be some examples drew in this part to enhance the view. In the last, a conclusion will be given to summary some points that may be useful for others.
It can be believed that the assignment can be helpful for understanding both positive and negative influence of sweatshops issues. Following this article may be helpful when doing analysis market researches for the economy in the international business.

Unlike slavery which had existed for thousands years, sweatshops was created about two hundred years ago. In general, sweatshop…
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