Sweatshops Are Morally Permissible Has Been An Eye Opening Experience

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Introduction: Researching whether ‘sweatshops’ are morally permissible has been an eye opening experience. One has to fully understand what a sweatshop actually is before developing an opinion whether it is morally right or wrong. The definition of a sweatshop is broad, it describes any type factory with dangerous and unhealthy working conditions, all while low pay and long hours are notorious. After digging deeper into this, it turns out that most if not all of the workers employed there would rather work in these type of factories than the alternative. Understanding what actually consists of an unhealthy work environment, and low wages are not as cut and dry as you may think. You have to keep in mind, most of these factories are located in foreign countries where the normal everyday conditions would be appalling to some Americans. Most people will immediately spout about their opinion without really knowing the facts. Kathy Gifford always comes to mind when we hear anything regarding sweatshop and child labor. Not everyone understands exactly what a Third World daily life is consumed of. There are many misconceptions about the work environment of factories in other countries, and just as there are pros and cons related to every place of employment, we will dig further into the ethical and moral realities that people and sometimes children are faced with. Body: A question that comes to mind is if we (the U.S) the consumer, share some of the burden if it turns out that

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