Sweatshops and Child Labor Essay

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"Samsung Electronics said it has found "evidence of suspected child labour" at a factory of its Chinese supplier Dongguan Shinyang Electronics. The firm conducted an investigation into the supplier after New York-based campaign group, China Labor Watch, accused it of hiring children." - - - BBC - 14 July 2014

The majority of Americans would be horrified to support a business that exploits the use of child labor to produce its goods. However, odds are we all supported these businesses the last time we went shopping. It be it a baseball for our child, diamond ring for our fiancés, or chocolate bar for our hunger it probability was made using child labor in Indonesia, South Africa, or Ivory Cost. The use of child labor is a major driver
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Although we can all appreciate our parents making us deliver newspaper to teach us the value of the dollar, it's on the other end of the continuum we need to be concerned about. When children are forced to work long hours in the fields, their ability to attend school or skills training is limited, and consequently, so are their possibilities of economic and social mobility and advancement in later life.
Children in third world countries go to work because they are simply trying to satisfy their basic needs . These children live in profound poverty, entrenched in decades of neglect, civil war, or cultural habits. There is no substantive education to speak of provided for children in these parts of the world and if they had a choice between going to school or working; the odds are against the idea of going to school . Poverty like slavery is a diseased whose cycle and chain must be broken through a struggle and education. It's not only the child who needs to be educated but the parents must be also educated on providing their children an alternative live style. They must be enlightened to the fact they have been working since they were eight or nine years old and they have nothing to show for it. This is not what human progress ought to be, humans should strive to provide their children a better life then they had.
The immorality of child labor does not stop at not providing children their basic needs
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