Essay on Sweatshops and Unethical Labor Practices

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Sweatshops and Unethical labor Practices

Imagine only seeing your family for one day once a year. Having to compete for a ticket home with millions of other workers in order to see your family that you haven’t seen in a year. This is the life of 130 million migrant workers in china. These workers make most of the things we own. Most of us don’t think about the people who make our clothes, our phones, our computers; items that we use everyday. Our way of life revolves on mass consumerism, where we value the article more than the person or persons who made it. Mass media and multi million dollar industries keep the conditions on how these people work as a total mystery. Some brands have been exposed for sweatshop and
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130 million Chinese workers go back home only once a year during Chinese new years; it’s the world’s largest human migration. The film The Last Train Home by Lixin Fan portrays the lives of a couple of Chinese garment workers who work 2100 km away from their family. This couple only sees their children once a year and they spend a large sum of their paycheck to get the train tickets back home. The factory conditions showed in The Last Train Home are pitiful. Sewing machines are squished together; workers can barely move and have no workspace. The floors are barely visible because they’re filed with fabric scraps. The factory workers that have their children living with them in the factories have to take them to their workspace. There the kids run around the factory, take naps in piles of fabric scraps and trip over things. The workers live in the factories; they’re provided with small rooms divided with fabric. The rooms are filthy and overcrowded. The walls and floors of the small dormitories are dirty and grimy. They use buckets as bathrooms, they also have to clean themselves in a bucket. Also, since they live in the factory they inhale fabric dust, which can lead to serious health problems such as Byssinosis a lung disease that occurs to people who work long hours with fabrics and have poor ventilation, which is what happens at these
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