Sweden’s Maternal & Child Care Policy

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Sweden’s Maternal & Child Care Policy Maternal and Child care policies are very important in every country since the future of every country is based on the children that are brought into this world. Behavioral and cognitive development is crucial with the timing and continuity of care within the family, before during and after the mother’s pregnancy. This is why policies were made in order to assist and support maternal and child care arrangements. Sweden’s maternal and child care policy factors under their extensive family policy. While effective and comprehensive, it is also very expensive to provide at such a lows cost to Swedish citizens. With goals to reconcile work and to support families, Sweden’s policy consists of very…show more content…
In Sweden the health care system is made up of a national, county, and municipal level. The municipalities take care of the child care programs which are supported by money granted by the central government, local taxation, and modest parent fees. All three levels of the system are represented by political bodies who decide on how to finance each policy, the amount of taxation and the amount of fees. While the national level is responsible for regulations, law, evaluating, and monitoring, the county level specifically looks out for the health care services as well as public financing. Swedish health care is mostly financed by the county council tax. In Sweden, they have primary health care, county hospitals, as well as regional hospitals. Each care coincides with another and has a specific area of responsibility in the health care system. This system was done to provide appropriate level of service and to best utilize their resources. Health care in Sweden is mostly provided by public organizations while private care is rare. ________________________________________________________ There may be things that can be added from here if you see anything missing **http://www.childpolicyintl.org/countries/sweden.html#maternity Work Cited "Clearinghouse Countries: Sweden." Welcome to The Clearinghouse on International Developments in Child, Youth and Family Policies. Web. 21 Mar. 2012. . "HARPS | Full Text | Health Care Systems

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