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Effects for Obesity Rondaski Burley Introduction to Sociology Professor Ricardo Toye June 6, 2015 Introduction. Obesity, once thought to be a little more than an unfortunate failure of will and self restraint, has much deeper and more complex roots. Genes clearly plays a role in driving an individual’s propensity to gain excess weight, as does environment. Early-life influences, beginning with the intrauterine environment and continuing through the first few years of life, also shape the trajectory of weight gain and body fat thoughtout the life course. Describe the effect that obesity in a childhood has had on you personally. We have all heard the stories about the happy fat person, right? Being obese…show more content…
Employers should care about the well-being of their employees, if no others reason than it promotes a happier workforce as a result will provide a more productive workforce. Should specialized organization be made for workers who wish to have a career and raise a child? Identify steps that companies can take to accommodate parental needs more effectively. In 2013, 88.2 percent of families with children under 18 had at least one parent in the workforce, which means the employers seeking to recruit and retain top talents must start catering to the families engaged in this balancing act. With the focus on the working American parent with benefits such as a flexible working hours paid parental leave for the men and women will achieve a better working life balancing and keep employees happier and more engaged at work. Not only should flexible schedule benefit the women but the men should also receive the option. The division of household labor has changed a lot in the last few decades, with many fathers taking primary caregiver role for their kids. Over 50 percent of fathers said they find it difficult to juggle work responsibilities and family life. There are steps that a companies should focus on when creating a flexible working environments. Companies should build a new culture for employee. Focus on the family. Encourage flexible work arrangement, and offer parental leave. Lift sigma. As long as employees are producing result, they should be trusted to
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