Sweeney Todd Summary

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I. Intro.
The play Sweeney Todd has been performed on numerous stages since 1979. The 1982 version of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, was directed by Harold Prince. Unfortunately, I watched a recoded production of the play; the recoding took place in 1982 but was based off the 1979 production. Over all my impression of Sweeney Todd, is that the play has a bitter-sweet tone that supports all the killing, lying, and deceiving that goes on in the play just so that Sweeney Todd could get his so called revenge.
II. Body Paragraph 1:
a. The scene that has interesting scenery would be one hour and twenty-two minutes into the recorded production. The scene is of Mrs. Lovett’s restaurant; her restaurant is packed with people as Toby serves the guest meat pies. Mrs. Lovett’s restaurant has an antique look to it. She has a wooden wall that has a faded green color painted on it; against the while is a chest, poster, and a door. Mrs. Lovett, herself standing next to a white bar like table, it is very high. She also has a barrel being supported by some type of stand in her restaurant. Next to the platform that her restaurant is set up on is a table were her customers sit and eat he meat pies.
b. The scenery in this moment did provide a sense of location. Based off how the scene was set up anyone in the audience would’ve been able to known that the current location of the play was Mrs. Lovett’s shop.
III. Body Paragraph2:
a. The scene that had very interesting costume
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