Sweet Dreams - Cookies And Coffee For A Cause Project Proposal

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Sweet Dreams - Cookies and Coffee for a Cause Project proposal Needs Statement In Des Moines, the median household income is around $62,000 per household. However, median household incomes in the poorest zip codes in the city are less than $30,000 per household. In addition to low household incomes, many of these zip codes are the highest in minority population density, contain homes with low property values, offer few livable wage job opportunities, have higher than average unemployment rates, and encompass other issues that plague poor inner city neighborhoods like violence and graduations rates. Moreover, too often the parent(s) or guardians of the youth in the neighborhood do not or cannot give guidance on how to move out of poverty through education, work experiences, and/or mentoring, too often continuing the cycle of generational poverty. Nationally the youth unemployment rate is double that of the national average. It is even worse for teens of color and teens from low-income houses. In 2014, 21 percent of African-American teens and 26 percent of Hispanic teens were able to find employment (Brookings Institute, 2016). However, research shows that being employed during high school can help with school persistence and graduation among economically disadvantaged youth, making it easier to transition into the workforce after graduation and helps reduce violent, risky, and adverse social behaviors. “The biggest driver of opportunity is whether youth, age 16-24, are

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