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This trauma is caused by the invasion of Sweet Home into the healing space that once was 124. Sweet Home is the location in which slavery occurs; therefore, marking it as a site of trauma that inhabits the memories of Sethe and Paul D. As Jesser mentions, “Sweet Home is the reference point through which Sethe makes her decisions about the future. It is also the place that they ‘belonged to’ and that ‘belonged to them.’ For Denver, it is a site of exclusion. She challenges their attachments to each and to the past” (Jesser 329). While Sweet Home was once considered a place of “nice slavery,” it now houses the memories of trauma for those who witnessed and experienced it. For Denver, who has no actual memories of slavery for herself, she is still affected by slavery because it traumatizes those around her.…show more content…
What it is, it comes from outside this house, outside the yard, and it can come right on in the yard if it wants to. So I never leave this house and I watch over the yard, so it can’t happen again and my mother won’t have to kill me too” (Morrison 242). The institution of slavery causes trauma for Denver because she understands that it can happen again at any moment. Even though she was born outside of Sweet Home, Denver was born into it the institution of slavery because of her mother and father’s positions. Therefore, the presence of Sweet Home as a traumatic space inhabits and reinforces the traumatic memories of the family within 124. Through the incorporation of Sweet Home in 124, Morrison emphasizes how the institution of slavery functions as the origin of trauma for these characters. After 124 gets invaded by trauma, Denver’s only healing space becomes the school at Lady Jones’ house, which allows Denver to acknowledge her trauma. This school functions as the first site of potential healing for Denver because it enables her to leave the trauma of 124 and

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