Sweet Pea Research Paper

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Sweet Pea & Mack

There is a common belief that our animals find us. Looking for our forever dog does not always come easily or quickly. That match may be increasingly difficult if you are looking for the ideal dog to become part of a community. One of the most difficult challenges of aging of the loss of a pet. While it is not uncommon for retirement communities to allow small cats and dogs, the resident needs to be able to independently care for their pet either by themselves, family, or paid caregivers. As a geriatric social worker, I am a firm believer in the power of the human animal bond, and totally support seniors with maintaining a relationship with animals in whatever capacity they are able. Years ago I was working in a retirement community committed to improving the culture and climate in the nursing home by implementing the Eden Alternative. This system is designed to create a human habitat through the inclusion of plants, animal, and volunteers.

Adopting two suitable dogs was my mission. Enter into the picture is Sweet Pea and Mack, rescued young adult Golden Retrievers adopted to become live-in members of a nursing and health care center. In order to
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So handsome despite his girth, with a large blocky head, thick, shiny fur, and enormous, brown, soulful eyes. And there it was – that immediate connection that many of us feel when we meet “the one”. Countless animal lovers will agree that we may connect with one of our pets in a greater or deeper way than others. We love them all, but if we are lucky someday may bond in an intense, symbiotic way. This unanticipated reaction caught me off guard, yet some innate sense told me that Mack would be a perfect fit for the community in all aspects. So began his journey to become a facility dog. I openly discussed with his foster the lifestyle that he and Sweet Pea would be living, the procedures in place to ensure their protection and well-being, and the overall goals of the
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