Sweetie Initiation Research Paper

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Hello ladies! I know many of y'all were at the Bigs meeting after NTS meeting on Tuesday but I just wanted to send out a reminder/clarification for this Friday's daytime initiation activities. Please arrive to McKenna Park (2258 Scripture Street) by 4:30pm. We plan to line you up behind your Little as a last surprise to them. Because your arrival is a secret please do your best to hide behind the playground area. Initiation is a very special moment between a Big and Little, we know y'all are just as excited as your Littles are. Please feel free to bring gifts or flowers but most importantly we are asking you all to write a card for your Little congratulating them on all of their efforts this semester. Please end your card with “Congratulations Little, you are officially invited to the Fall 2015 Sweetie Initiation Ceremony!” This will serve as their final invitation to be initiated.…show more content…
We know that schedules can't always lineup and that is completely fine
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