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As the leading outdoor furniture and playset retailer in Alpharetta, GA, Sweetland Outdoor knows that trampolines are all about providing endless outside play opportunities for kids. Like all of their equipment, Sweetland Outdoor considers safety the number-one priority for the trampolines they sell.

Below, the knowledgeable Sweetland Outdoor associates explain how the Magic Circle trampolines they carry are the best in safety:

Heavy-Duty Framework: The galvanized steel in the trampolines sold by Sweetland Outdoor is about as thick as a nickel, whereas the materials from most other models are only about as thick as a dime. This means that the frame is sturdier, less likely to wobble or flex, and can hold a heavier capacity. To ensure total safety, be sure to place your trampoline on a level area in your yard away from any low-hanging branches or other obstructions.
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The net is also is weight-bearing to keep your kids safely inside, and it’s stitched directly to the jump mat to prevent any injuries, unlike other models that have the netting connected to the exterior poles. For the safest experience, advise children not to perform any flips or other acrobatics while on the trampoline.
A Dependable Warranty: The trampolines that Sweetland Outdoor carries come with a ten-year warranty on the frame, and five-year warranty on the netting. For optimal safety, adults can double check the trampoline regularly to ensure that all parts and materials are sturdy and in place.
For more information about trampolines and playground equipment, you can speak with one of the helpful Sweetland Outdoor associates by calling (770) 569-7772. You can also visit their website to learn
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