Sweetwater Sound Is A Large Music Providing Business

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Overview Sweetwater Sound is a large music-providing business that caters to musicians on all levels. They are located on Highway 30 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, sitting on forty acres of land (http://www.sweetwater.com/feature/expansion/leed.php, 2015). They offer products and services such as guitars, drums, pianos, music lessons, recording studios, lighting services, and DJ services. With only having one retail store located in Indiana, a large majority of their sales are accumulated from their online website and their monthly catalog. Sweetwater Sound, Inc. exemplifies what it takes to be a successful business and how excellent customer service is the key to keeping customer’s happy. The founder of Sweetwater Sound is Chuck Surack in 1979. He was an avid lover of music and was in bands, himself. He began recording bands in the back of his VW bus. He then started to record bands in local clubs and edit them when he returned home. Being in the recording and music industry means there is a need for instruments, gear, and location. According to Surack, there were no audio and music dealers around that were trustworthy, this is where his niche first became. He began creating sounds for a major keyboard company and sold the sounds to the biggest industry names. The big industry music companies began trusting Surack, which is where the retail division was then born. (http://www.sweetwater.com/about/the-sweetwater-difference/, 2015)
Chuck Surack was committed to…

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