Swft12 - Individual Income Taxes, 35e Test Bank Essay

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1028. One indicia of independent contractor (rather than employee) status is when the individual performing the services is paid based on tasks performed (rather than time spent). *a. True b. False 1029. In some cases it may be appropriate for a taxpayer to report work-related expenses by using both Form 2106 and Schedule C. *a. True b. False 1030. The IRS will issue advanced rulings as to whether a worker’s status is that of an employee or an independent contractor. *a. True b. False 1031. Jake performs services for Maude. If Maude provides Jake with a helper and tools, this is indicative of independent contractor (rather than employee) status. a. True *b. False 1032. A statutory employee is not a common law…show more content…
All of Edna’s airfare is deductible. *a. True b. False 1051. Daniel just graduated from college. The cost of moving his personal belongings from his parents’ home to his first job site does not qualify for the moving expense deduction. a. True *b. False 1052. Tired of her 60 mile daily commute, Margaret purchases a condo that is only five miles from her job. Margaret’s moving expenses to her new condo are not allowed and cannot be claimed by her as a deduction. *a. True b. False 1053. In November 2011, Katie incurs unreimbursed moving expenses to accept a new job. Katie cannot deduct any of these expenses when she timely files her 2011 income tax return since she has not yet satisfied the 39-week time test. a. True *b. False 1054. In May 2011, after 11 months on a new job, Ken is fired after he assaults a customer. Ken must include in his gross income for 2011 any deduction for moving expenses he may have claimed on his 2010 tax return. a. True *b. False 1055. A moving expense deduction is allowed even if at the time of the move the taxpayer did not have a job at the new location. *a. True b. False 1056. Kelly, an unemployed architect, moves from Boston to Phoenix to accept a job as a chef at a restaurant. Kelly’s moving expenses are not deductible because her new job is in a different trade or business. a. True *b. False 1057. Alexis (a CPA and JD) sold her public accounting practice in Des Moines and

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