Swiffer Rosie the Riveter Ad

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Basically, Swiffer is trying to promote their new steamer by creating an ad around the World War II icon, Rosie the Riveter. Rosie was campaigned to get women back into the workforce in about the 1940’s and Swiffer is bringing her back to doing household ‘chores’. This ad includes a woman with a denim top, rolled up sleeves, and a polka dotted bandana but instead of her showing off strength, she is holding a Swiffer Steam booster. I honestly believe that the main purpose of this ad was to get women back into the kitchen and clean “where they belong”. I think that Swiffer was trying to get people’s attention because if that woman was wearing anything other than that famous outfit, no one would have even thought twice about it. But then again, being an egalitarian, I honestly think that any woman can do it all. Work and take care of a home, regardless of an ad, it’s JUST AN AD. P&G obviously got the attention that they were seeking. They had feminists complaining and got them to remove the Rosie look-a-like from anywhere that they had her. The primary audience was feminists or women in particular or anyone who enjoys a clean home! Honestly, if someone wants a steam booster, regardless of an ad, someone will purchase a steam booster. I think that this ad appealed to kairos, simply because…

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