Swimmer Speeches

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Your stomach is churning, while the butterflies inside are beating away. You feel like throwing up, but nothing comes out. You feel anxious standing on the block. Your legs shake with the fear of what will happen in the next few seconds, but for some reason you have never felt stronger. Your heart feels as if it will lunge out of your chest as you wait for the horn. You feel your feet leave the block. While the icy water cascades your body, feeling as if you had been shocked. Then all at once the butterflies leave, the shaking desists, and you feel nothing but power. Your body becomes one with the water, your thoughts hush to a silence. Each movement more graceful than the last. You turn your head to size up the competition with each breath. It only lasts about thirty seconds, but to you, it feels like an eternity. One wrong move and the lead is lost. One great flip turn and your lead is untouchable. Every second, every half second has never meant more than what it does in this moment. Then you finally touch the wall, turn to the scoreboard to see you qualified for leagues as well as first in your heat. This is the life of a swimmer.…show more content…
Truthfully, I didn’t believe I would participate in anything because I really suck at sports. I blame my mother’s genes for that. Then I came to the swim booth. The big seniors were sitting behind the table yearning for recruitment. My dad was standing next to me when I decided that I would try this new sport. He believed I was only joining for the team dinners, which was part of the decision, but three years later I realize the real reason why I joined. I wasn’t just joining a swim team. I was joining a family that would shape me into the person I am today. The person I will be at
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