Swimming : A Great Part Of My Life

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Swimming has always been a great part of my life it takes hard work and determinations to get the results one hopes for. Many athletes don’t see swimming as work hard sport but I beg to differ. It takes so much energy, time, sweat and tears to get that first place spot. When there is a meet coming up I always talk to my coach beforehand and find out which events and strokes I should start preparing for. I never get nervous about meets until this one particularly, Alief Elsik High School vs. Cy Fair where I was up to swim butterfly on the 200-medley relay. Butterfly is one of my strongest strokes, but I always felt completely drained after one lap; I was determined to build my endurance. After the 6th period bell rang I was off to my seventh period swim practice. Walking in through the doors of the natatorium go straight to the locker room, don’t waste so much time talking to the teammates there’s plenty of time when the workout is done. Once you’re changed out of your school clothes into swim clothing begin to do a light warm-up such as jumping jacks or running in place, it’s always good to get the heart rate up before jumping in the pool and begin the workout. One important thing to always remember is always stretch after the light warm up, stretch every muscles in the body, from head to toes because cramps sure do hurt, especially in the middle of hard work out. Muscles go through a lot in practice, it takes a lot of force to push and break water throughout the swim

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