Swimming At High School Swimming

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Swimming is a skill most learn as means for pure survival. However, some people take the skill to the next level, and participate in the sport of competitive swimming. Ranging from local neighborhood summer swim leagues to the world broadcasted Olympics, competitive swimming has participants of all levels. Among these levels is the high school team level, which is commonly found among the many sports on most high schools lists. At any level of competitive swimming, the swimmers showcase their talents at highly anticipated swim meets. To the spectators swim meets are an exciting venue to view the individual athlete 's incredible talents. However, behind the scenes there is so much more to be discovered. Although my visit confirmed my thoughts on how exciting the swim meet atmosphere is, I was surprised to learn about the team aspect of a sport that is usually thought of as an individual sport.
Like most high school swim meets, the district twelve swim meet started bright and early on a wintry morning. It was around 6:30am, when the Samuel Clemens high school swim team boarded the bright yellow school bus to venture out to the natatorium. This particular meet was being held at the Josh Davis natatorium, which is a Northeast Side ISD facility. After a brief forty minute bus ride, the eager team arrived to the gigantic two story brown building, that read “Josh Davis Natatorium” directly above the front door. The parking lot was gradually filling up with more school
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