Swimming Research Paper

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Inside the Suit
Introduction to the sport As a competitive swimmer of twelve years, a member of the Akin Augusta swim league from third to twelfth grade, and a former summer league coach, I valued swimming as a demanding part of my life. With an aunt as a coach for an Olympic training team and cousins that qualified for Olympic trials I was predestined to become a part of this subculture. My parents threw me into lessons at the age of five, signed me up for our neighborhood summer league team the year after and then introduced me to a year round team. From then on swimming became all I ever thought about.
Most decent swimmers begin young and are raised through the sport. Some parents teach their children how to swim or pay for lessons where we are taught the basics like floating, kicking, and the four strokes
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Coaches generally make rules on teams that there is no shaving permitted at least a month before a meet. This is because the hair causes drag through the water making you slower and when you taper before a meet you shave the night before including males. Even though there have been know real studies on this it is believed that you can take of or (shave off) milliseconds in a race which can make the difference in qualifying for nationals or even Olympic trials so swimmers will go to any extent to ensure they can get the time they need.

Swimmers are also known to eat tremendous amounts of food. People assume since we are in such great shape that we are cautious about our calories intake and nutrition but in reality we eat whatever we want and in unlimited amounts. Mondays after practices we would go to Moe Monday and order two burritos and follow by a double scooped ice cream cone from Brusters. I would eat roughly around eight thousand calories a day but a professional swimmer averages around twelve thousand calories.
Every Day Life of a
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