Switching Techniques Can Be Classified Based On Network Characteristics

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Switching Techniques: Switching techniques can be classified based on network characteristics. The main task of switching technique is to establish connection between input and output channel inside the router. Circuit switched networks reserve a physical path before transmitting the data packets, while packet switched networks transmit the packets without reserving the entire path. Packet-switched networks for communications within large multi core systems on-chip are made for enhanced performance, scalability, modularity, and design productivity compared to busses and dedicated signal wires (R. Mutha, 2012). Circuit Switching Technique: In this technique an electrical interconnection is established between the source and destination and then the message is transmitted. This technique pre-allocates resources or links across more than one hop to the entire message. Links must be reserved to transmit the entire message. For that a small setup message also called as a probe is sent into the network and reservation for the links needed to transmit the entire message or multiple messages is done from the source to the destination. Once the probe reaches the destination (having successfully allocated the necessary links), the destination sends back an acknowledgement message to the source. As soon as the source receives the acknowledgement message, the message will be released by the source then the message can travel quickly through the network. When the
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