Switching to Electronic Health Records

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RUNNING HEAD: MY ADVOCATING IN SWITCHING TO EHR My Advocating in Switching to HER By: Amber M. Cadieux American Intercontinental University Online January 7, 2011 Abstract The scenario for this assignment has asked me as a health care employee to provide information on electronic health records. The information I include should provide positive and effective feedback to convince the medical management staff to switch their current record filing system which happens to be paper records to electronic filing. EHR Continuity of Care and Coordination The staff employed in a medical facility depends on many things to keep the quality of patient care in the positive and efficient. Physicians and nursing need the current and most…show more content…
Other patient information you may find is documentation for any allergies the patient may have. Insurance information will be noted if the patient is covered were you will find the provider, the billing address, and the patient’s policy number. There will be many different forms in this system that are used to document things such as the patient’s family history, diagnostic results, immunization records, past and present medications taken and the effectiveness of them, and of course there will be doctors notes for any office visits and hospitalizations. In the doctors notes and hospitalization notes you will find documentation for medical conditions or diseases the patient may have had in the past or has presently. Last but certainly not least there will be the common release and authorization forms, there may be advanced directives or living wills on file if the patient has completed them and other relevant information that staff and medical facilities may need to provide quality care for the patient. (Whatis.com, 2008). The Disadvantage in EHR? With and pro there is a con in most situations and this too is true when it comes to having an EHR system. One of the cons is the amount of cost it has on a facility to do this that includes things like the cost to switch, train, and purchase the system. The average cost to invest normally rates close to ten-thousand dollars per physician employed in a facility. After
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