Switzerland Culture and Religion

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Switzerland Culture & Religion Switzerland is widely known for the beautiful views places shown in movies, music videos, to tourists for tourist locations, and masses of other places. However out of the places that Switzerland is shown not many contain information or insight on the culture and the religion in stowed in this gorgeous country. Also if asked about Switzerland to an “outsider” the response would be, “oh they love cheese, chocolate, watches, and make army knives, and the popular Swiss banks”. Some say the Swiss are frugal people because Switzerland has one third of the world’s offshore funds. Many also believe Switzerland is an island located near Australia, which is incorrect as Switzerland is wedged between three countries Germany, France, Austria, and Italy. 75%+ of Switzerland’s populations lives in the central plain, the central plain is the area between the Jura Mountains, and the Alps, and from Rhine River and Lake Constance to Geneva. Of Switzerland’s population about 20% is made up from foreign workers and foreign residents. Switzerland is mostly a Christian country divided among are followers of Roman Catholicism, and Protestantism. Switzerland is wedged between three countries Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. Therefore deriving their four linguistic regions according to which country boarders
Switzerland, in the north, east, and center of the country they are German-speaking, in the west they are French-speaking, in the south they are
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