Switzerland Health Care System Essay

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Switzerland’s health care system follows the Bismarck Model in terms of sickness funds. It is financed through contributions of the individual to the insurance company rather than through tax or employment based contributions.16 This keeps tax percentages down and allows for more equality in access. The insurance is regulated by the country’s canton.16 The country works under the concept of social solidarity, meaning that the government is responsible in giving all social services to their citizens Although they have the second to the highest level of spending per capita at $6,325, they are able to place that money to good use in terms of quality of care for their citizens including mental health care and …show more content…

60.6% of Swiss residents choose to get a basic coverage plan with an HMO, fee-for-service or an independent practice.7
Private health insurance activity is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). With it being a mandate to have health insurance, there are many private insurance companies competing for the insured. These companies must get licensing and authorization from FINMA. With the public being required to provide their own insurance, Switzerland is purely a private insurance market.10 For people with low incomes, they use subsidies to finance their health insurance.
Specific premiums are based on what Mandatory Health Insurance (MHI) the person selects and which plan they choose.10 This allows for the person to have some autonomy regarding the amount of money they want to spend on health insurance. The average deductible for insurance is between CHF 300 to CHF 2,500, which

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