Switzerland Is Best Known For Their Cheese, Chocolate And Watches

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Introduction Switzerland is best known for their cheese, chocolate and watches. However, their Swiss Energy Program should be added to that list and taken into consideration and emulated by other countries, like the United States. Similar to the Kyoto Protocol, the Swiss Energy Program introduced a CO2 Act, which planned to reduce their carbon emissions by ten percent by the year 2010. They were slightly successful, however compared to the United States, their carbon emissions are unsubstantial. Switzerland also implemented a Nuclear Phase-out plan which would completely stop the use of nuclear energy by the year 2034. Since Switzerland uses nuclear energy for 40 percent of their energy, this plan would be effective by increasing energy efficiency in other renewable energy sources. Finally, Switzerland promotes energy efficiency through their Swiss Energy Program by implementing the Energy Strategy 2050. This strategy has five main objectives Switzerland intends to accomplish by 2050 which include reducing energy consumption, broadening electricity supply, maintaining electricity imports, strengthening energy research, and encouraging international cooperation. Due to their monumental use of renewable energy, the Swiss Energy Program is effective by increasing energy efficiency through their implementation of CO2 Act, Nuclear Phase-out plan, and Energy Strategy 2050. Switzerland vs United States Energy Use In the United States, the main sources of energy materializes

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