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Alps Castle

Ice Hockey Fondue

Name: Zorina Lai Class: (11) 5E Class teacher: Mr Steve Chan Supervisor: Mr Steve Chan


Introduction P. 3

Famous sights P. 4 • Castles • Mountains and Alps • Museums

Culture P. 6 • Holidays • Art

Foods P. 8 • Cheeses • Pastries • Potatoes • Chocolates

Entertainment P. 9 • Sports • Spa • Theme parks

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The Chapel Bridge was built in 1365 and was re-built again after fire in 1993. It attracts many tourists.

Travelers and tourists from other countries come to see them and are very impressive by the scenes, castles and Alps. These scenes not only make the country beautiful, but also very attractive to the travelers and tourists. This is why Switzerland is a great place for travelling.


Switzerland is a nation of full of traditions. There are over 100 fun and enjoyable holidays and festivals through out the year for celebrating foods, religions, and fall harvest. The Swiss peoples love and enjoy gathering and celebrating festivals and holidays with their families and friends.

The wine and cheese festivals are very common and celebrate few times a year. The music festivals are mostly held in summer. The national day is at the first of August, it is celebrated by having fire works, concerts and yodeling. The Christmas in Switzerland is very special. Santa Clause will give out candies and presents to the people on the street. The Swiss decorate the houses, sing carols, wrap presents, bake cookies, and go to the church. All these make this cold and windy season full of joy and peace. The Basler Fasnatch is another festival, which lasted for 3 days. It starts at 4:00am at the market square. Men dress like
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