Switzerland : The Largest City Of Switzerland

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For this inquiry project I have chosen to do the 2nd question which is: If I could choose anywhere in the world to live where would it be. So the place I have chosen is Switzerland. I chose Switzerland to live in because of their health care system. The people in Switzerland are happy and healthy both at the same time. They give top-notch education to everyone and they care about talent and innovation. They’ve also created an environment where people can thrive. The exact city I will be doing is called Zurich. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. Zurich is a city that is both exciting and open to different cultures. They offer locals and visitors a unique quality of life that provides excellent conditions for companies and businesses.
Switzerland is known for many reasons, but it is mostly known for its war history, its Swiss Chocolate, its Swiss cheese, its Banks, the Alps, the Lakes, for its largest city which is called Zurich, and for their Music Festivals. To keep a stable economy at all times Switzerland has a no-interference policy. They are not allowed to help or support to anyone that is a part of a war. Switzerland has had this no-interference policy for the longest time. Switzerland is also famous because they have never been in a war with someone since 1505. Swiss Chocolate is other thing that Switzerland is famous for. They have the world’s best milk chocolate made from its finest milk and cream. Once you have tasted their Swiss Chocolate it is really
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