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SWOT ANALYSIS: A SWOT analysis is a process where we can find strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats involved in a project. This analysis can be used for a product and place. The main use of this analysis is to find out all the four main specifications which can review the project easily Strengths: Project manager has to analyse swot analysis. Strengths give you more confident of completing the project irrespective of weakness. When you look back previous SOH project the project manager UTZON is very talented. He had design the most brilliant sculpture which is a great innovation to the modern day world. It has created many more opportunities and revenues to the government. Strengths and weakness comes under the internal factors.…show more content…
• Using inconsistent brand items makes you to increase your weakness. Opportunities: • Exploiting the project and creating opportunities will be the better way to run the project. If you do have more opportunities you can work to a larger extent and satisfies the customer. • Decreasing the man power and increasing automated instruments will makes you to complete the task very fastly. • Making use of internet helps you to exploit more opportunities. Threats: • From the external sources threats may be created which causes to trouble for the project. The main aim of the project is to minimize the threat. • Competition from the leading organizations have most of the threats. • Maintaining the much better brand value comparing with others gives you lot of credibility among the customers. Question 2: Project member is the only person which holds responsible for every aspect of the project. He contributes everything for completing the project successfully and also ensures all the team members are working efficiently or not. Project manager has to be intellectual and skilful administrating the project . Negotiation skills: • Project manager has to negotiate with the directors and key stake holders for bringing common understanding between them. • During the negotiation manager should have clear idea about what he was presenting. Some research is done before you present the report, expressing your views clearly make the positive
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