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After having the opportunity to write and review a SWOT analysis, it made me realize that presently I obtain better qualifications and at the same time I have areas I need to improve. The purpose of this SWOT analysis was to define and have a cleared understanding of my strengths, my weaknesses, what opportunities are available, and the threats I made faces during my journey with my PHD program. In addition, I reviewed my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, to help me improve and plan, in a form that it 's will be beneficial and effective for me. The first step required is to know what can stay the same, secondly, what needs improvement, and thirdly, what is needed to make it happen. Furthermore, this analyzes provided me with the opportunity to explore, define, and make the appropriate accommodations where is needed. SWOT STRENGHT One of my strengths that I would like to improve is becoming more open minded towards other cultures, opinion, and situations. At times being open-minded can be hard to accomplish. Especially when our beliefs, values, and dignity are involved. As a teacher it is important to be open-minded in many situations l. Moreover, I can say that I have been fairly open minded to a lot of situations, however, it 's been hard. Furthermore, I feel that presently there is a gap from where I am to where I want to be. No matter how much we try, our belief or culture tends to get the best of us. I personally need to sometime let go of what I can’t

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