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SWOT Analysis A SWOT Analysis grants an institution and individuals to consider strengths and weakness, as well as opportunities and threats. With a concise picture of the overall health system, strategic plans can be created and implemented to enhance and improve growth and outcomes.
The CSH in New Brunswick has many strengths that keep the program durable and efficient as possible. The CSH is the oldest children’s specialized hospital in the state of New Jersey. For over 125 years the CSH organization has been providing quality care to children in need economically and medically. As time went on the organization was able to adapt to the needs of their new clients. A second strength of the CSH is the team of
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Our non-profit organization does not have guaranteed funding to support programs. If adequate financing is not met programs are at the risk of being cut. Limited program resources does not help entice potential clients to join the programs an organization has to offer. Thirdly, working with clients with stigmatizing childhood disorders or medical conditions may refrain from getting services. Parents may not be willing to seek services due to the stigmatization in which their child may endure if diagnosed. Even the children referred to the CSH for evaluation purposes and who are diagnosed may not participate in early intervention or rehabilitation plans due to the lack of cooperation by the parents.
With an increase in autism diagnosis 's there is a need for more specialized services in the area of ABA therapy. According to the Community Report on Autism (2016) 1 in 68 children nationwide are diagnosed with Autism. Creating opportunities for Autism awareness and more initiatives in research and outreach programs would build a larger clientele base for the CSH. Another opportunity for growth is providing weekly parent participation groups. Groups for parents could be individualized to current parents of children enrolled in the in-patient programs. Groups could be recreational and informational. The CHS already has family fun night where staff organize theme events for parents and
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