Swot Analysis : Abc Company

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Overview ABC Company has held a place among top manufacturing companies in the United States for several years. However, due to increased competition and customer demand management has decided to implement some changes. The primary change to ABC Company that has been outlined by management is a supplier global expansion project. Management has its eyes set on China as a new supply base. As with any project, the benefits may be obvious but undertaking the project also comes with its fair share of risks. Objectives and Resources In an effort to remain a leader in the global market, ABC Company has made the decision to expand its supply base into China. Accomplishing this goal however can be a daunting task. A global supply chain needs to be agile and robust in order to meet the needs of multiple markets while simultaneously handling ever changing needs. A supply chain needs to be responsive to customer and organizational needs in terms of products as well as sourcing, manufacturing, transport, environmental and human resource relations. A global expansion project entails much more than simply setting up shop in another country, but luckily there are a number of tools available to help stream line the process. There are multiple resources that can be utilized to aid in the international transition. Historical data and records for example can be an excellent of information. More and more organizations throughout many different markets are realizing the benefits of
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