Swot Analysis : Agarwal Cycles

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Agarwal Cycles is a longtime bicycle shop, providing retail sales of latest bicycles, elements and accessories, clothing, and maintenance and repair service. It’s settled in an exceedingly heavily trafficked, city-focused space. The primary marketplace for Agarwal Cycles is that the city man population, which ordinarily contains a turnover/growth of roughly twenty-fifth annually. The secondary market is that the university college and workers, and therefore the tertiary market is that the bigger Lucknow community. Vinod free spirit has been the assistant manager of Agarwal Cycles for 5 years, with a further seven years of bicycle business retail sales and repair expertise. Hub initial began work the possession of a motorcycle business 2 years past, however, the native Lucknow market appeared saturated with outlets. Realizing that a additional sensible possibility would be to {shop for} associate degree existing shop, Hub approached his current boss. The results of 2 years of negotiations are the sale of Agarwal Cycles to Vinod taking result national holiday, 2001. The goal are a seamless transfer of possession, with staff, bike lines, location, and operations unchanged. This business set up is being ready for presentation to Lucknow Business Bank, and to the store 's major suppliers of latest bicycles, accessories, and parts. A considerable a part of the past year 's designing has been negotiations with these suppliers to keep up this monetary agreement because the
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