Swot Analysis : Amazon And Salesforce Essay

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1.Google, Amazon and salesforce are definitely three data-oriented giants that utilizing data for their own strength. With the difference for their big data journey, I compare these three company in terms of the big data experience, big data Technology and business value. Big Data Experience: Google have developed big data ecosystem with many open source application and technology. It applies Big Data to understand what the researcher want and guide them through the different websites. This infographic, developed by Vertical Measures, dives deep into the complex process behind that search query. Amazon is the dominating the e-commerce by leveraging the customer personal data and shopping behavior. It analyzes the customer’s purchase pattern and use those data to predict the future customer’s behavior and to make shopping recommendations. Salesforce is leading the CRM, B2B by gradually acquitting data company such as Rdian 6, Buddy Media, Exacttarget to take more control over data, and to build the intergrated marketing platform around data. As far as maturity level, google has reached data Metamorphosis, and Amazon and Salesforce is heading towards Metamorphosis level from the data monetization level. Big Data Technology: Amazon and Google is offering both IaaS and PaaS, while Salesforce is offering SaaS. Since 2006, Amazon is the leading IaaS cloud service with the current market share 27.5% by 2015 comparing with google’s 4% for percent market share. Amazon and

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