Swot Analysis And Porter 's Five

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SWOT, PEST analysis and Porter’s five for Vodafone NZ.
Vodafone is the current leader in mobile cellular market. The name Vodafone is derived from Voice data fone. It was created in United Kingdom in the year 1982. It was first based out in Newbury. The Vodafone New Zealand was first created in year 1998 after purchasing Bellsouth New Zealand. The mission of Vodafone New Zealand is to be a communication leader by connecting the world.
In this report we shall discuss about SWOT analysis, PEST analysis and Porter’s Five forces model.
SWOT analysis is a structured planning method to evaluate the strength, weakness, opportunities and Threats involved in a business venture in this case it is Vodafone New Zealand. We shall discuss about internal and external factors affecting and enhancing the business model of the Vodafone.
PEST analysis is the business evaluating tool to validate and verify the effect of political, economic, social and technological aspects on Vodafone. It helps us to analyse the position and direction in order to drive the growth of the Vodafone Company. It helps us to access the market model so that Vodafone can make effective inroads and successful set up of business.
Porter 's famous Five Forces of Competitive Position model gives us a simple understanding for assessing and analysing the competitive strength and position of a corporation for Vodafone in the global and the local market. It is used to make a good analytical
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