Swot Analysis : Athletes Warehouse

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Written Assignment Unit Five
Starting and owning a small business in America today is risky, as anywhere in the world, I can imagine. The risks are big, uncertain but rewarding. Twenty-eight million small business count for 54% of all US sales as of 2015. Small business as increased in the US 49% since 1982 according to the SBA.
In this case review, Athletes Warehouse, I will review its strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats associated with its potential business plan. As a quick review, this case study takes place in the year of 1982-86 for the storyline. There are two brothers, Colin and Ed, Colin owns a store “The Fitness Factory”. Backing up a few years, the two brothers who enjoy running, would like to open up a store that sells good quality running shoes and clothing. They are deciding on location, if they decide to move forward with the business idea.
Colin is a 30-year-old Physical Education teacher, he has a PhD in Physical Education and is currently employed as a teach. He also has a contract to supply the area schools with athletic needs such as shoes and clothing. His brother-in-law is a 46-year-old hockey player who just retired from hockey. Ed is currently employed has a papermaker in a local paper mill. They both own the Athletes Warehouse in 1985 in Comer Brook, which closed in 1986. They blamed the closing on poor location and appear to be looking to relocate their failed business in a busier, more modern neighborhood.
The strengths
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